About Pat

I call myself a Chief Thought Translator because I help convert YOUR ideas into something to help YOU make more revenue. My enthusiasm and creative mind add a touch of levity to make every interaction a friendly and productive one. The ideas and suggestions I share are always focused on helping YOU to succeed. After all, it’s not a transaction but a relationship! Allow me the opportunity to help YOU succeed telling YOUR visual story with Video Marketing!

Knowledge at your disposal!

My unique combinations of skills are available to help you succeed. I draw on my experience as a public speaker, trainer, screenwriter, published author, and business management consultant to address your need. Areas I can help you include engaging through video with people not like you, expanding your market, and becoming flexible for change. As an entrepreneur, I have successfully built both service and product-based companies (with the assistance of Scarlet) involving photography, business architecture, graphic design, speaking, and video skills.

Do I know about social media?

Well, I’ve authored multiple blogs, articles, chapters, books and have written in the new book style that will culminate in a Vook (video book). I’ve been published by McGraw-Hill, American Management Association and Addison-Wesley. I continually self-publish and use digital media (blogs, G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, eZines, and videos) to share my knowledge with individuals and businesses just like yours. Just Google “Pat Ferdinandi” or “Patricia Ferdinandi”!

How can this help YOU?

I mentor and inspire others with my story-telling speeches and insights into today’s digital world. With my combination of social media knowledge, business sense, strategy, and planning; I can help your business:

  • come up with ideas that help you succeed,
  • provide a customized plan to help them reach your goals,
  • hold your hand through mentoring, and/or
  • help you produce what you need.

So, who is Pat Ferdinandi? Well, Mark Twain squawked it best:

She was not quite what you would call refined.
She was not quite what you would call unrefined.
She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.

~ Following the Equator; Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar


I’m different. I’m engaging. I love learning about new businesses and I love helping people. I know what I’m talking about and am willing to share it with YOU.

Video Strategist & Chief Thought Translator for Viditude!


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