About Scarlet

I am the Scarlet Ferdinandi. I’m a Solomon Island Eclectus Hen, hatched in Florida, March 9, 1999. I was flown to a staging area in Montclair, NJ where I met my human caretaker, Pat. About 3 months after hatching, I came to my new home and started to take over the place.

All parrots are beautiful, but I’m GORGEOUS! Red head, royal blue body and maroon wings. I have a striking blue eye ring that catches everyone by surprise. I weigh about 440 grams and am about one foot tall. I will live and rule for about 80 years. I can talk, but I’m usually too curious as to what is going on to talk in public. I never talk on demand. I only speak when I want something NOW!

In the beginning, my caretaker just didn’t get that I’m the Princess. I have demands that have to be met. I must be obeyed. Therefore, I had to learn the ways and language of the human caretaker to convey my desire. I may not use the right words all the time, but my actions are consistent. Finally, after about ten years (and the occasional nip of the finger), I’m able to give proper direction. Now, who is the smarter one?

What do I do for Viditude? I add color, sound, and the occasional nip to keep Pat focused on delivering value to everyone.

Viditude! Montclair NJ 973.619.9353 Talk2Me@PatFerdinandi.com