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Explainer ButtonThey are searching the web for what you have to offer or to learn about your crowd funding idea. They are searching from their mobile device. Nothing communicates the essence of understanding them more fundamentally than with video on both a large and small screen. It’s a demonstration in a way that quickly connects, conveys, and comforts them to purchase. The difficulty comes in expressing the points that will stick in your client’s minds quickly before they click away. An added complexity is selecting and preparing a style of video that is comfortable for you.

You already know what you have to offer. Explainer videos convey that information that can be viewed on mobile devices when you are busy doing what you do. Your knowledge together with my visual storytelling ability will create an explainer video they will want to watch and share.


I will work with you to get the right points across to your clients so they are heard, remembered, and shared. Together we will write a script that is concise and engaging. We will work together to develop an animation, personal demonstration or combination, whichever best explains your product or service or frequently asked question.

Over the years I have earned the reputation for identifying and conveying ideas that inspire action. I make what seems difficult to understand by the target audience into something they get and purchase. My business strategy knowledge, speech coaching, and videography skills are assets to help you build your community one video at a time. I’m the bridge between geeks and the uninformed.

Contact me to discuss your product or service. Together we can determine how best to connect with your audience, explain your vision, and enhance your sales funnel through video.


Your investment depends on your budget and the complexity of the video. Per finished minute prices start at $1,500.00 for talking head; $3,000.00 for motion graphic. To get a better estimate, schedule a call by filling out the inquiry form!

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