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InfoProduct ButtonYou have so much knowledge that, when it is well organized, can be shared to build a community. It’s like a campfire. People want to hear your story. They want to learn what you know. Then they want to engage with others in your community.

You have the opportunity to change minds, set the course to standardization while setting the bar high above your competition. You will finally be appreciated for what you know. Now you have a platform to share it and get paid for it! It’s the old “publish or perish” except now it’s “publish video or perish”!

  • Webinars are great for businesses to add value while building their email community. It’s a means of creating loyalty that leads to retainer clients!
  • Video Books are more captivating than traditional books and great for consultants and freelancers to create and increase the strength and velocity of their market gravity to their sales funnel! Take your boring white paper to a new level by turning it into something viewers want to watch and share!
  • Training has entered a whole new era. Business anarchists, consultants and teachers can build a course, make an impact, and set the new standards based upon their knowledge and make money as well. Quality training gets talked about to other future clients!

All can be possible with good video internet marketing!

Creating the right content for your viewers and business is a crucial component to success. I will help you determine the type of video information product (e.g.: webinar, book, podcast, training course). I will help you arrange your knowledge into sections and then topics. We will discuss the best way to convey each topic (e.g.: animation, white board, audio, slides, text). I will help you determine the best roll out strategy and distribution mechanisms.

Over the years I have published (commercial and self) books, produced web-series and training. I have coached and developed video information products for clients. I make what seems difficult to understand by the target audience into something they get and purchase. My past successes and knowledge are assets to help you build a product that draws people to your campfire of knowledge.


Contact me to discuss your information product idea. Together we can determine how best to connect with your audience, explain your vision, and enhance your sales. Your knowledge is valuable. We’ll talk about text, presentations, webinars, audio, and of course, video. Through video product development and good internet marketing, your knowledge will be found and appreciated.

Your investment depends on your budget and the complexity of your product. Prices start at $3,000.00. To get a better estimate, schedule a call by filling out the inquiry form.

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