Snack on purpose

 The fourth meal of the day

Going beyond 4  hours between meals is tough. Your body starts craving. Your body starts acting as if it is warning you about starvation.

That’s why I add a fourth meal to my schedule. It’s a snack.

Eating your way to better health

Last week we talked about focusing your diet to help you on certain health issues. Mine was increasing fiber. My husband (pictured in this post) requires more protein for muscle building.

Your snack is a good time for you to concentrate on your issue. I have a Fiber Bar as a snack.  To keep up with his crossfit training, my husband eats a protein bar.

If you have a calcium deficiency, try adding a yogurt for a snack. For diabeties, pick something without sugar.

You already know what you should eat. You just haven’t created a healthy habit around it.

Work snacks in

Find a food that fits within your meal-calorie guidelines.

My fiber bars range between 130 to 160 calories each. That’s why I planned 160 for a snack on my calorie “pie”.

What’s your “snack”?

  • Adjust your calorie distribution to be able to handle this fourth meal.
  • Plan a snack 3 hours between other meals.
  • Record snacks in your food diary.

Snack on purpose! Snack your way to better health!

Get Back In Shape To Do List

  1. Weigh In DAILY (recording the date/weight)
  2. Increase your steps every day by 250.
  3. Eat your meals within 12 hours.
  4. Drink 64 oz of water a day.
  5. Record what you eat.
  6. Know your meal-calorie guidelines
  7. Know what foods will heal health issues
  8. Snack on purpose

Motivational Reminders:

  • Healthy habits help you lose and maintain a good weight and health.
  • A scale is just the provider of information to help you make healthier choices.
  • Don’t just eat more calories; earn them!
  • Flush out the bloat.
  • Know your calorie boundaries.
  • Consistency matters.
  • Eat your way to better health

Welcome to the journey to better health! You can do it!

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