Surpassing your goal and how I lost 60 pounds

I had just lost to competition for a project I would have really enjoyed. The competition charged more. They didn’t have the Information Technology knowledge I had to relate to the client. But, I still lost to them.

To put it mildly, I was bummed!

Jersey Diner Problem Solving

Being a Joisey Girl, I firmly believe that all problems are solved in Jersey Diners. So I met a friend for coffee to talk about this particular situation. We talked around and around to see what I could have done differently to get this project. A bit difficult when you don’t know the reason why. Yes, it could have been a that the competition had a better relationship with the client. I was new to the scene.

My friend had a different thought:

“You know, Pat. You may never know the real reason. You may have done everything right. You may have been a better option for them.

Let’s look at a different reality.

Unfortunately, prejudice exists. It’s sad but true. It’s many times done unconsciously:

  1. You’re a woman
  2. You’re over 40
  3. You’re overweight.

Unfortunately, the only one you can control is your weight.

Now, we don’t know if any of this played a role in their decision. But, why take the chance for future projects.”

Goals require a reason, commitment, and determination to be met.

Well, there you have it. A moonstruck moment to snap out of it. I went home knowing … why take a chance. Why not remove that obstacle in case it ever is one. So, I went to the app store and downloaded the noom app for my smartphone. The articles and continual reminders helped me stay on track … or did it.

That’s the funny thing about goals. You can use all the apps or tricks but unless you are determined and dedicated, none of them will work. So, this is how I met (actually surpassed) my goal.

  1. I found an app and committed to recording everything I ate (even if it meant I went above the day’s allowance).
  2. I over estimated calories and under estimated workouts/exercise.
  3. I committed myself to going to the gym often. At first 3 times a week … leading to 6 days a week more often than not.
  4. I committed to meeting in between goals of 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, and finally 60 lbs.
  5. I committed to changing my eating habits. Beef once a month. Fish every other night.
  6. I’m doing this for ME. So, I rewarded myself:
    1. If I had extra calories that day, yes, have that Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcake or Genevieve’s Home Made Chocolate.
    2. Don’t buy new clothes until you reached your goal.
    3. We got a puppy (talk about walks)!

Let me tell you … it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a daily commitment but an hourly commitment! BUT I DID IT! And that’s why I haven’t made any videos of myself. I wanted a noticeable difference.

So what does my weight loss have to do with you creating videos!

Watch this video to find out:

Again, my weight may not have had anything to do with losing out on that project. That doesn’t matter. I’m proud I achieved my goal!

You will, too, when you reach your goals!

  1. Set video goals.
  2. Commit to them daily (or hourly if need be).
  3. Be proud with each small step.
  4. Reward your small successes.
  5. Feel good about yourself!

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