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Viditude Testimonials

People are talking about Pat Ferdinandi and Viditude. Just watch their expression and hear the emotion behind their words. Scarlet Ferdinandi is a bit upset with this. She wants a testimonial video too! We’ll have to get one for her. If you want to tell her how beautiful she is, please feel free to make a comment or two. She loves the attention!


Viditude Client Samples

What style video is best to convey what you need to convey? Here is a sampling of what style of video you can use to help connect with your clients! Feel free to Talk To Us to determine what is best for you.


Viditude Motion Graphic Examples

You don’t have to be on your video. In fact, you don’t even have to have your voice! Motion Graphic videos are a great alternative to talking head videos. Talk To Us to find out more.


Viditude Presentations

Need a speaker? Pat & Scarlet both love to talk! Pat, however, is the only one who presents. Here she is in action.


Viditude: Bringing your story to life!

Do you need:

  • a strategy?
  • an explainer video?
  • to present to the camera?
  • to create an information product for an additional revenue stream?

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