The scale habit matters

Get Back In Shape Tip #1: Weigh yourself EVERY DAY!

Decades ago, I went to Weight Watchers. One of the things they told me was to only weigh yourself weekly. Because everyone’s weight fluctuates during the week, it was our coaches belief that people will give up as soon as you saw the scale go in the wrong direction.

I have a different perspective on this topic. I weigh myself DAILY.

What has helped me not to gain a lot of weight back was using the scale as a provider of data. Not as an enemy or as a sign of failure.

Yes, the scale does go up and up at times. It will also go down and down more. Avoiding the scale is denying yourself valuable information that will be helpful.

I learned, as will you, that any decisions on food and exercise will affect what appears on that scale. That will actually be input as you decide not to exercise or to have that extra dessert. Both are okay, as long as you become comfortable with the result.

You will start to plan for big events. Scheduling different meals before and after a vacation. Scheduling exercises around holidays. Because you will learn what you do affects the one metric that helps you get back in shape. Eating and exercising have the biggest impact on your health and your ability to get back in shape.

This one tip has helped me not gain all my weight back. In fact, the time I didn’t weigh myself (on a wonderful trip to Paris), is when ten pounds came back on.

Even after a fall and I couldn’t exercise, I weighed myself every day. I saw the scale go up and up. Because I understood from years of weighing myself daily, I was able to analyze why. I knew that I had too many calories entering my body without a lot of activity to compensate. I changed that and saw the scale go down and down more.

Time to form your first new health habit.

Your first tip to getting back in shape is to weigh yourself DAILY. Everyday! When you wake up! Make weighing yourself one of the first things you do for yourself.

Don’t worry what the number says. I’m more interested that for today and going forward, that you weigh yourself first thing every morning.

If you do not have a scale at home, buy one with BIG numbers. If you aren’t at that age yet, you will be!



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